Leisuresec Policies

Internal company policies define how employees should behave in the workplace. They also define what employees can expect from their employer. When an organisation has clear company policies, both employees and employers benefit. 

These are Leisuresec's policies. Please be read them carefully, if you have any questions please contact us.

1. Quality Policy

2. Health, Safety & Welfare Policy

3. Environmental Policy

4. Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

5. Equal Opportunities Policy

6. Ethical Policy

7. Adverse Publicity Policy

8. Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy

9. Training Policy

10. GDPR Data Protection Policy

11. Whistleblowing Policy

12. Counter Terrorism Policy

13. Business Continuity Policy

14. TUPE Policy

15. Recruitment Policy

16. Standards of Behaviour for Security Operatives

17. Performance Improvement Policy

18. Work Capability Policy and Procedures

19. Sustainability Policy

20. Safeguarding Policy

21. Lone Working Procedure (Including Working at Home)

22. Equality and Diversity Policy

23. Challenge 25 Policy

24. Anti-Slavery Policy

25. Information Security Policy

26. Alcohol & Drug Policy