Security Information

We have taken security measures, consistent with international information practices, to protect your personal information. These measures include technical and procedural steps, and measures to protect your personal information from misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, loss, alteration or destruction.

However whilst Leisuresec has made every effort in the compiling of the contents of this website, it is provided on an “as is” basis without any representation or endorsement being made and without any warranty of any kind.

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Set a Strong, Unique Password

It’s important to treat these new accounts seriously, with modern password practices. You should be using a strong password for your Leisuresec plc account — but, most importantly, you should be using a unique password for your Leisuresec plc account. Don’t re-use passwords, as a password leak at one site will make your account’s password worthless. If you need help managing passwords, you may want to use a password manager.

Have Security Notifications Delivered to Your Phone

Leisuresec  can send security notifications to your phone for important security events, such as when someone tries to gain access to your account. By default, these are emailed to your primary email address.

Monitor Recent Activity

When you login to your account you will notice a notification at the top of the page which  lists where and when you’ve used your account, where you’ve logged in from, and other things that have happened. You’ll likely see that you’ve successfully logged in from your home location recently. If you see that someone successfully logged in from elsewhere, or that there are attempts to log in with incorrect passwords from a foreign location, you may have a problem.