Taxi Marshall Assignment Survey

The Taxi Marshall assignment survey is intended to identify and record the customer’s security requirements.


in order to provide a quotation and propose a strategy to deliver client needs to an agreed standard. A risk assessment will be completed based upon this information and safe working practices will be introduced and monitored for compliance in accordance with HASWA 1974.

Does taxi marshall use a control room?
Security operative objectives:

Risk Assessment:

Is there a system for Marshalls to take refuge if in danger?
Do any patrol areas have poor mobile phone reception?
Are there any items that can be used as projectiles along the route?
Are radios linked to local police?


Establish equipment required from the list below:


Uniform requirements:

Work Place Violence Risk Assessment 

How often is police assistance requested?
How often do Marshalls receive threats of violence?
How often are Marshalls physically assaulted?
How often are Marshalls verbally abused?
How often are Marshalls required to detain a member of the public for the police?
How often do Marshalls need to physically restrain a member of the public?
Are there toilet facilities?
Are there facilities to take refreshments during breaks?
Are there first aid facilities available?