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If you have any additional security requests, please complete our online form and we’ll be in touch to confirm details. Complete as many questions as possible.


The more information provided will enable us to provide precisely the level of service you require. For vacated or partially vacated premises photographs or video footage of the site will be taken by our security operative during initial site survey and risk assessment prior to service delivery.

Shift pattern

Site Information

Are all fire exits secured with a padlock and chain?
Is there CCTV in operation?

Service specifications

Entry control (Visitors log book)
Internal site patrol
Daily occurrence report logging


Will security operative be given any keys?

Daily occurrence log content

Which of the following applies
Confirm action required for each above listed occurrence
Emergency services protocols: (call 999)in the event of the following

Structural Risk Assessment

Are there any hazards or structual damage on the site
Is there adequate lighting in all areas to be patrolled?

On site facilities

Select the facilities on site

Exclusion Areas

Are there any areas not to accessed by anyone including security operatives