Security Service Management Review

Standard Security Service Management Review


Reason/s for the meeting:
Team profile:
Training requirements:
Do you feel the team receive an adequate level of support from the company?
On average how often does your area manager answer his/her phone straight away?
On average when you leave a message how long does it take for the area manager to return your call?
In general does your Leisuresec area manager attend your site at convenient times?
If not; would you prefer to make firm appointments?
Are you happy with the frequency of visits from your Leisuresec area manager?
How often are your security invoices incorrect?
How effective is the leisuresec office team at resolving your queries?
How often have you needed to contact head office in the past 12 months?
Have you seen or used the client portal on the Leisuresec website?
Have you seen or used the Focal Point security manager?
Would you like a demonstration of Focal Point security manager?
Are there any upcoming events that would require adjusting the regular security team?
Is there anything the client would like to change about our service?