Site Visit-Reviewing Security Officer

Complete a Site Visit in order to review the service provided by our Security Officers.  


Staff Site Specific Duties

Do Security Officers complete regular patrols to all areas of the site, documenting this has been completed?
Is the Security Officer(s) aware of the smoking policy and designated areas?
Are Security Officers fully conversant with the site fire alarm and evacuation procedures?
Are all Security Officers fully conversant with the site bomb threat policy and the procedure currently in place?
Are all Security Officers fully conversant with the site policies in place for contacting emergency services?
Are all incidents documented and reported to the senior member of staff on duty?
Are all Security Officers issuing keys correctly? (Operatives are NOT to issue keys without first having proof of identity and authority to receive):
Do Security Officers meet and greet visitors politely when they are entering the site?
Do Security Officers maintain a professional relationship with guests at all times?
Do Security Officers report suspicious circumstances or unusual behaviour correctly?
Do Security Officers know what to do with unattended packages? (Be alert for any suitcases or packages that are unattended. DO NOT handle items and report to the senior member of staff on duty):
Do Security Officers keep ALL fire doors, corridors and stairways clear and, where possible, keep windows and doors shut (and locked if possible)?
Are Security Officers aware they are never to discuss site procedures or security measures with friends or acquaintances?
Are Security Officers aware that site property must NOT be removed from the premises under any circumstances, unless written consent has been given?
Are Security Officers aware management reserve the right to search the property of any employees including security personnel?
Are there any unauthorised areas?

Deployment Plan

Security Operative Fire & Training Procedures

Visitor Safety/Welfare

Do you have a First Aid room?
Do you have First Aid kits?
Do Security Officers require first aid training?

Security Operative Facilities

Uniform Requirements

Do Security Officers have the correct uniform and protective clothing requirements?
Confirm that you have made the Security Officers aware of any new portal features:
Is there a guard patrol system in use?
Is any action required from the results of this site survey?